Learner Driver Cover

In the past the often very high cost of car insurance for learner drivers / provisional licence-holders has prevented or delayed many people from becoming qualified drivers, and for many of those that did take the plunge it meant being added to Mum or Dad’s annual motor insurance policy with a high additional premium, a much-increased policy excess and even then it was still putting Mum or Dad’s no-claims discount at risk.

This is no longer necessary as the modern insurance market now offers surprisingly low rates for learner drivers to have lessons and gain valuable driving practice using short-term policies to help keep the cost down, but written in the name of the learner driver so that Mum, Dad or the friend loaning the car don’t get saddled with the claim should you have the misfortune to have an accident, so they don’t lose any no-claims discount.

The short-term policies are especially useful for students only able to gain driving practice whilst home from college, or for those drivers able to cram sufficient lessons and practice into a relatively short period before taking their driving test. Getting sufficient driving practice provides an important boost to self-confidence and there is ultimately no substitute for experience, but few can afford to gain all their experience using a driving school car, whereas extra hours of practice in the car of a friend or parent can significantly improve the chance of passing the driving test and bring forward the day you can at last rip up the L-plates and drive on your own.

Cover is available for most postcodes and for most cars up to Group 32 (on the 1-50 scale) and for most cars valued between £500 and £30,000 subject usually to a minimum policy excess (your contribution to a claim) of £250.

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